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She is Maureen
The name of the Blog comes from my favorite Beatle Girl, Maureen. My name is Vanessa I'm from México and I'm 18 years old :) I decided to create this blog cause I felt some kind of attraction for the beatle girls and the women behind the beatles.
This blog is dedicated to all the sweethearts of The Beatles. Peace and Love , always love!!!
*I obviously do not own any of this photos*
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Colorized by me!
February , 1964
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This is new for me!
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Maureen and Ringo Starr in Niece, France, 1969
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Ringo and Pattie in the set of A Hard Day’s Night
From Rex Features
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Adorable Julian Lennon <3
From REXfeatures
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London Meditation
August 31, 1967 - Soon after the Beatles returned earlier than planned from Bangor, Wales, due to the death of Brian Epstein, a special evening meditation was held in the London home of one of Maharishi’s followers. Paul, Jane, Pattie, Mike McCartney, John, Ringo, Maureen and George shown listening to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Double page size photo by Philip Townsend published in Datebook magazine, 1967.
Note: Photos from this occasion were taken in London - not in Bangor, Wales or India as is frequently erroneously published. Maharishi returned to London as soon as his five-day commitment at the Bangor, Wales conference was completed and met again with the Beatles, their wives and friends. (Also, Mike McCartney and Maureen Starkey did not go to Wales with the Beatles, and Mike McCartney did not go to India either.)
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Respuesta de John a un fan que en 1980 que le escribio escribió “enviarme una carta, si te apetece”. pues bueno John Lennon se paso de creativo…

Hahaha this is hilarious!!! Quote: ”Answer from John to a fan. In 1980 the fan wrotte him ”send me a letter if you want” …and his answer was pretty creative
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August 26, 1967 - One week old Jason Starkey who were born in  London’s Queen Charlotte’s Maternity Hospital, leaves the hospital with her mother Maureen Starkey
My scan and colorized by me
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Thanks genetic <3 
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