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She is Maureen
The name of the Blog comes from my favorite Beatle Girl, Maureen. My name is Vanessa I'm from México and I'm 18 years old :) I decided to create this blog cause I felt some kind of attraction for the beatle girls and the women behind the beatles.
This blog is dedicated to all the sweethearts of The Beatles. Peace and Love , always love!!!
*I obviously do not own any of this photos*
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New Admin;


Please welcome Vanessa (sheismaureen), she will be helping us with the confessions! -Desi

THE ASK BOX IS EMPTY AS OF RIGHT NOW, SEND IN CONFESSIONS GUYS! (: [But also remember the guidelines]

I’m feeling so glad to be part of it :3

So to all my contact feel free to send your confessions IN SPANISH!!!! :D

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September 1967
Beatles wives (Cyn-orange, Maureen-blue & Pattie-purple) and Jenny Boyd posing in clothes designed by The Fool for The Beatles’ Apple Boutique.
Photographer: Ronald Traeger
(BN: I found this on the Instagram account of the girl who coloured it awhile back, but I can’t remember what account so I’m sorry that I did not credit back.)

lovely <3
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The wedding day
Mr and madame Boyd
Semptember 14, 1942
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How I Won The War Premiere - Colorized
October 18, 1967 - Pattie stepped out of Paul McCartney’s vintage 1927 Hispano Suiza car looking like an old-fashioned movie queen escorted by her dashing husband - the first of the Beatles couples to arrive…
It was just like old times, really. There was a two-mile traffic jam, and extra police had to be called in. The occasion was the world premiere of "How I Won The War" - which numbers Beatle John Lennon among its stars. And Beatle fans turned out in force. Older, perhaps. But there was no mistaking their loyalty. They were among the crowd of 3,000 which brought chaos to Piccadilly Circus, London, on Wednesday night (18-10-67). The Beatles arrived in style - and were greeted with great cheers. John Lennon, with his wife Cynthia, arrived in his psychedelic Rolls Royce, Ringo Starr and his wife Maureen hopped out of the car, too. Paul, with his girl friend Jane Asher, had arrived a few minutes earlier in his 1920-style Hispano Suiza which he bought for £1,750 and had painted blue and green. And George, with his wife, model Pattie Boyd, had slipped in ahead of them. Other pop stars were there, too - including the Procol Harum, the Who, the Hollies, Manfred Mann and the Tremeloes. Anita Harris came dressed in a head-to-toe sari. Cilla Black wore a mini-dress. Sixteen-stone Mama Cass, in flowing floral robes, joined the big pop crusade to see the film - at the London Pavilion. A spokesman for United Artists said: “We have never seen so many stars or celebrities attend a first-night like this before. We never expected such a turn-out.”PS: Beatle George Harrison and wife Pattie Boyd who turned up in a full-length skirt, split up to the knee, for the London world premiere of John Lennon’s film.
Syndication International
Colorized version of the black & white press photo.

OMG I loved it!!!
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June 2, 1965: The Knack and How To Get It premiere at the Pavilion Theatre in London
Surce of the scan is Maureen Starr Tribute @ Yahoo
Colorized by me! (sheismaureen tumblr)
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Mr. Ricardo Calderón and Pattie Boyd 
(Ricardo Calderón is the president of the beatles fan club in Mexico)
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Oh my god! I didn’t realize that Maureen and the girl next to Ringo has the same clothes!!!!!!! haha
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