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She is Maureen
The name of the Blog comes from my favorite Beatle Girl, Maureen. My name is Vanessa I'm from México and I'm 18 years old :) I decided to create this blog cause I felt some kind of attraction for the beatle girls and the women behind the beatles.
This blog is dedicated to all the sweethearts of The Beatles. Peace and Love , always love!!!
*I obviously do not own any of this photos*

This is from before the Sun newspaper became a tabloid. It had evolved out of the old broadsheet Daily Herald in September 1964 and the first tabloid sized edition wasn’t until 1969.
Richard ‘Ringo Starr’ Starkey, the drummer with the popular beat combo The Beatles, married Maureen Cox in 1965 and they went on to have 3 children, but divorced in 1975.  Later he married actress Barbara Bach and she married American businessman Isaac Tigrett. Maureen died of leukaemia in 1994.
The honeymoon in Hove was cut short because Ringo had to return to London to begin recording the soundtrack for the Beatles’ second feature film ‘Help’ which they started filming later in the month in the Bahamas.
Other Beatles, John Lennon and George Harrison, appear in the wedding photos but Paul McCartney was on holiday in Portugal with Jane Asher.

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